By North Main Dental Inc
February 08, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Preserve your family’s smiles by opting for dental sealants.

The minute your child’s teeth come in, it’s important to start protecting them from decay. Of course, some ways are by maintaining good dental sealantsoral hygiene and making sure your child visits their Dayton, OH dentists--Dr. James Shepler and Dr. James Shepler, III--regularly. But did you know that you could also provide additional protection by opting for dental sealants? Learn some interesting facts about this preventive treatment.

Fact #1

Sealants are made of a clear plastic that is applied over the chewing surfaces of back teeth to provide an additional barrier of protection. Because most tooth decay in children and teens happens in the many nooks and crannies found on the back teeth, sealants are ideal for protecting more susceptible teeth from cavities.

Fact #2

Even if you or your child brush their teeth twice a day and as thoroughly as possible, it’s almost impossible for your toothbrush to get into all of those tiny little grooves of the back teeth. Because of this, bacteria can build up. Luckily, getting sealants from your Dayton, OH general dentist ensures that you block food and plaque from settling in these crevices and wreaking havoc on your oral health.

Fact #3

By applying sealants when your child is young, you protect them for many years from cavities. With the proper hygiene, your child’s sealants can last up to 10 years. During your child’s routine cleanings and exams, we will also check the health of their sealants and be able to reapply them when necessary.

Fact #4

Getting sealants is simple, easy, and painless. It can even be done during their next checkup and it doesn’t involve any drilling or uncomfortable tooth preparation. Once your child’s teeth are thoroughly cleaned, we will apply a liquid over it that contains acid. This will help the sealant adhere to all the nooks and crannies of the tooth. Then the sealant will be painted over the chewing surfaces of the back teeth and hardened with our special dental laser.

Think your child could benefit from dental sealants? We think so, too! Give our general dentist in Dayton, OH a call and let us know you want sealants for your child. Turn to North Main Dental Inc. for all of your family’s smile needs.