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By North Main Dental Inc
October 06, 2020
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If you've heard of dental implants, you know they are the most realistic, reliable and bone-loving tooth replacements available. Bonding to your jaw bone, they serve as tooth roots and preserve the surrounding jaw bone. At North Main Dental in Dayton, OH, your dentists, Dr. James Shepler and Dr. Jamie Shepler, recommend these tooth replacements because they look and act just like natural teeth.

Your dental implant surgery and restoration

Depending on your need, Dr. James Shepler, our in-house dental implant expert, inserts a single implant or multiples to serve as the foundations for crowns or full or partial dentures. From preliminary exam, impressions and treatment plan to digitally-guided implant surgery to the final restoration, your restorative procedure is comfortable, safe and reliable. In fact, dental implant procedures succeed up to 98 percent of the time, reports WebMD.

Dental implants are made from biocompatible titanium. That means your jaw bone loves it, adhering to it through osseointegration and creating a stable anchor for a metal post and ceramic dental crown attached at a later date. Or, if you require more extensive tooth replacement, Dr. Shepler may insert multiple implants to carry a full or partial denture.

After your implant procedure

Living with your dental implants resembles life with real teeth. You brush twice a day and floss to keep implant sites clean and healthy. If you smoke, consider quitting because tobacco is the biggest threat to implant retention.

Also, be sure you see your dentist in his Dayton, OH, office for six-month cleanings and exams. Your dentist will check the condition of your implants, surrounding tissues and crowns or dentures. Over time, implant restorations may require replacement due to normal wear and tear. The titanium implants themselves, however, should last you a lifetime, states the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness (IDIA).

Restore your smile

You can with dental implants from the expert dentists at North Main Dental in Dayton, OH. Phone us for an informative consultation with Dr. James Shepler or Dr. Jamie Shepler: (937) 275-0076.

By North Main Dental Inc
April 13, 2020
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Improving your appearance is certainly one benefit of dental implants, but it's far from the only advantage of this tooth restoration option. Dental implants offered by your Dayton, OH, dentists, Drs. James and Jamie Shepler of North Main Dental, also provide a few benefits that may surprise you—read on to learn more!

The Various Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants restore both the root and crown (top) of your tooth. Titanium posts are implanted in your jawbone during minor oral surgery at our Dayton office. The posts soon begin to bond to your jawbone, becoming firmly rooted to the bone in just three to six months.

Implants are topped with dental crowns that look just the visible part of your natural teeth. The crowns are made from an impression of your mouth to ensure that your new teeth look and feel natural.

Dental implants offer these advantages:

  • Improved Appearance: No matter how strong your self-esteem is, your confidence is bound to take a hit after you lose a tooth. Implants fill the gap in your smile, allowing you to focus on other things besides the way your smile looks.
  • Long-Term Solution: Thanks to the bone-bonding capabilities of titanium, your dental implants will likely never need to be replaced.
  • Easy Care: You'll treat your dental implants just like your natural teeth. Daily brushing and flossing, as well as twice-a-year visits to our Dayton dental practice, are all that you need to do to keep your implants healthy.
  • Strong Jawbone: Your tooth roots press on your jawbone, keeping it strong and healthy. Resorption, a condition that occurs when the bone begins to shrink after tooth loss, can lead to loose teeth and sagging facial muscles. Dental implants constantly stimulate the jawbone, helping you to avoid these consequences.
  • Excellent Biting Power: Dental implants won't affect your ability to chew and bite. In fact, you'll be able to easily chew hard and tough foods.
  • Versatility: Dental implants aren't just used for single missing teeth. Thanks to implant-supported dentures, it's possible to replace all of your teeth.

Complete your smile with dental implants offered by your North Main Dental dentists, Drs. James and Jamie Shepler. Schedule an appointment with their Dayton, OH, office by calling (937) 275-0076.

By North Main Dental Inc
February 11, 2020
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Could dental implants be the best way to replace your missing teeth?

Losing a tooth is an important milestone when you are a kid, but losing a tooth as an adult is certainly not something to celebrate. dental implantUnfortunately, this is a problem that millions of American adults will face, particularly older adults. If you have lost a tooth to gum disease, infection or injury our Dayton, OH, dentists Drs. James and Jamie Shepler can provide you with a long-term tooth replacement known as a dental implant.

What is a dental implant?

It’s amazing how something like this small titanium post can be placed into the jawbone to take the place of the roots of your missing tooth. The implant itself is a foundation, anchoring your false tooth (the part of the restoration we see) in place. A dental implant is the closest restoration to a real tooth that our Dayton, OH, dentists can offer adults who need to replace one or more missing teeth.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

If you get dental implants here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy once the restoration is fully placed,

  • Eating is significantly easier. Tooth loss can make it challenging to eat certain foods and to chew food properly, but implants will help you enjoy all those foods you loved but have missed,
  • Full bite force is restored, which means that force from the jaws when biting and chewing is distributed evenly among the teeth to prevent wear and tear, chips and fractures in certain teeth.
  • Preventing bone deterioration by placing the implant into the jawbone, where it stimulates the bone in the same way as real tooth roots. It prevents jawbone loss, which can also impact the shape and appearance of the face
  • Boost your self-esteem knowing that you have a full, beautiful and fully functional smile again. Your implant will mimic the look of the rest of your natural teeth so no one will even be able to know.
  • With the proper care your new tooth could last for decades. The implant itself rarely if ever needs to be replaced.

Do you have questions about getting dental implants? Want to find out if you are an ideal candidate for implants? You’ve come to the right place. The dental team at North Main Dental in Dayton, OH, can provide you with all the answers you’re looking for about dental implants. Call our office today at (937) 275-0076.

By North Main Dental Inc
May 18, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Have you ever wished you could grow a new tooth to replace the one you lost? Although that lost tooth won't grow back, you can replace dental implantsit with a dental implant that feels just like a natural tooth. Dr. James Shepler and Dr. James Shepler, III who practice cosmetic dentistry at North Main Dental in Dayton, OH, share a few reasons you'll want to consider dental implants.

Dental implants restore full functionality

Dentures may improve your appearance, but they don't always restore your ability to eat your favorite foods. Because these dental restorations aren't anchored in your jawbone like implants, they can slip when you take a bite. When you wear dentures, you lose a significant percentage of your biting power and may find it hard to eat hard or tough foods.

There are no limitations with dental implants because the whole tooth is replaced, starting with the roots. Titanium dental implants rest in small holes in the jawbone created by your dentist. During the next several months, the implant actually fuses to the bone. Once the dental implant becomes part of the bone, it's just as stable as your natural tooth roots.

Although the dental implant is a very important part of your new tooth, it's not the only part. A connector called an abutment is added to the top of the implant and used to attach a crown to the implant. Because the implant provides such a sturdy foundation for the crown, you won't experience any reduction in biting power and can eat anything you like when you visit Dayton restaurants.

Implants protect your jawbone

Jawbone loss is a natural consequence of losing a tooth. Unfortunately, as your jawbone recedes, it may no longer be able to adequately support your other teeth. Facial sagging may also be an unpleasant consequence of tooth loss. Dental implants take over for your tooth roots and exert the constant pressure the jawbone needs to remain strong.

Dental implants are easy to clean

You can forget about complicated cleaning routines when you choose dental implants. If you have a toothbrush and floss, you can care for your new implant. Regular brushing and flossing remove bacteria that can cause an infection around your implant.

Would you like to find out if this cosmetic dentistry option is a good choice for you? Call Dayton, OH, dentists, Dr. James Shepler and Dr. James Shepler, III, at North Main Dental at (937) 275-0076 to schedule an appointment.

By North Main Dental
May 31, 2016
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If you have one or more missing teeth, you may feel as though your entire smile suffers from the gap left behind. However, this does not have to be the case. With dental implants, you can fill in the gaps, boosting your confidence and getting your smile back. Find out more Dental Implantsabout dental implants with help from your Dayton, OH dentist at North Main Dental.

What can dental implants do for me and my smile? 
Dental implants are a versatile tooth replacement option. Instead of using the surrounding teeth to anchor the restoration into place as a dental bridge would, your dentist surgically implants a small titanium post into the jawbone beneath the missing tooth. Over time, the post integrates into the bone, essentially replacing the tooth’s root. A prosthetic tooth attaches to the post, replacing the tooth itself to restore the appearance of our smile. Filling in your gap also restores your mouth’s bite, making eating and speaking easier.

Implants can also replace several or all of your teeth. Multiple tooth replacement uses a dental bridge, anchored in place by two implants on either side rather than by dental crowns. Additionally, implants placed throughout the arch can hold an entire permanent or removable denture in place.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?
The bone and tissue in the mouth requires stimulation to stay healthy. A missing tooth no longer provides the stimulation the bone needs, causing it to atrophy, or break down and degrade. Due to their design, implants require adequate bone volume for successful integration and may require additional bone grafting. Properly caring for your implants is crucial to their lifetime, and a good candidate needs a strong at-home oral routine. The surgical implantation is not highly invasive and can be done under local anesthesia.
For more information on dental implants, please contact Dr. James Shepler, at North Main Dental in Dayton, OH. Call (937)275-0076 to schedule a consultation for dental implants today.