By North Main Dental Inc
July 26, 2018
Category: Oral Health

Teeth CleaningAre you in need of a dental cleaning? Well look no further. Your Dayton, OH, dentists, Dr. James Shepler and Dr. Jamie Shepler, can help you.

Cavities are formed when a person eats sugary foods and doesn't brush, or floss. An unhealthy oral regimen can breakdown enamel allowing cavities to form. The result is the accumulation of plaque, which contains an acid-producing bacteria that breaks down the enamel, the protective layer covering your teeth. This exposes the sensitive layers of the tooth and allows bacteria to infect the pulp, which may lead to tooth loss.

Preventative Dental Care

If you want to prevent any of these procedures, then you need to visit your doctor every six months for a regular dental cleaning.

Your Dayton Dentist will examine your teeth, diagnose any disease you may have, such as gum disease, then you hygienist will perform a regular cleaning. If there's gum disease, then your doctor will deep clean your teeth to help resolve the issue.

A dental hygienist examines your oral tissues to determine which areas need the most cleaning. They will use an ultrasonic scaler, or curettes to remove any plaque from around your teeth surfaces. Plaque is a result of acid-producing bacteria that accumulates on teeth and around gums. An ultrasonic scaler, a hand-held tool with a tiny tip, vibrates at a high frequency to break up hardened deposits of plaque. Then a constant stream of liquid cools the tip and washes away plaque debris.

Sometimes curettes are used instead because they easily fit around and between teeth. Professional cleanings ensure removal of stubborn plaque, with the final step involving a low-speed rotary brush that polishes your now clean teeth.


  • Sealants: Your dentist will clean and dry your tooth, then apply an acid gel on the surface of the tooth, the chewing surface will become rougher. Your doctor will then remove the gel, dry the tooth and apply sealant onto the grooves and expose it to a special blue light to make the sealant hard. This will prevent bacteria from entering grooves and cracks in your teeth and deteriorating your teeth.
  • Dental Implants: If cavities have deteriorated your tooth, a dental implant may help you. Dental implants consist of replacing the tooth root with a titanium post and placing an abutment and crown on top. This will strengthen your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile.

If you have any questions and/or concerns or would simply like to ask a question about dental cleaning, just call your Dayton, OH, dentists today!