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October 02, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Children with SealantsPits and fissures are the grooves hidden in the chewing sides of your children's back teeth. As food particles and bacteria collect in these crevices, cavities happen. What can you do? At North Main Dental Inc. in Dayton, your dentists, Dr. James Shepler and Dr. Jamie Shepler, may advise placing plastic sealants on youngsters' teeth. Sealants are wonderful insurance against the ravages of tooth decay.

The process of decay

Even the healthiest of teeth are prone to decay because as we eat and chew, plaque, and its hidden germs, build up on and around teeth. Those tiny germs give off acids which corrode teeth.

Particularly prone to cavities are the back most premolars and molars. In fact, Dear Doctor magazine cites research which shows that while only 14 percent of children's teeth are at genuine risk for decay, a full 43 percent of cavities develop in those back teeth.

Why is this so? The reason is not just poor oral hygiene. Rather, it's how those back teeth are surfaced. Plus, children's teeth simply decay more easily. Their enamel is not as highly calcified as that of adults.

Of course, Dr. James Shepler and Dr. Jamie Shepler carefully check those little teeth, and the hygienists take extra care in cleaning them. However, wouldn't you like an extra layer of protection for your children's oral health?

Sealants are the answer

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children have their molars and premolars sealed as soon as they erupt. How hard is the sealant process? Frankly, it's so simple it just takes about five minutes per tooth.

First, your child receives the usual hygienic cleaning at North Main Dental. Then, the Dayton dentist dries the tooth, applies an etching solution (to ensure a good bond) and paints the clear liquid sealant on the chewing surface. A final step cures the plastic coating with a special blue light.

That's it. Dr. Shepler repeats the process on the other back teeth as needed. He tells parents to expect the sealants to last up to a year.

Your child's best smile

Work toward that goal with plastic sealants. The doctors and their dedicated team will show you and your children other ways to prevent oral health problems and keep smiles healthy and bright.

If it's time for that all-important six-month check-up, contact North Main Dental in Dayton, OH today for an appointment: (937) 275-0076. Ask about sealants, and we'll be happy to explain this great preventive service.